Welcome to Girl in Between.

Hey, guys! I am Kim Trisha Chu. I made this personal blog, Girl in Between, to share my interests as well as my thoughts about how mediocrity might not always be a negative aspect in our lives if one chooses to improve for the better. Hope you enjoy!

To be or not to be… mediocre?

Whoever said people with glasses were smart are horribly mistaken! Have you ever tried coming across a person with a stereotypical notion of you solely because of what you wear? Well, for my case it was my eyeglasses; and boy, were they wrong.

I, like other teenagers, encountered the existence of cliques in school. Cool kids and jocks would parade with their newly done hair and limited edition shoes. On the other end of the hall, the whiz kids would clump together and talk about the latest lessons, while the Picassos passionately delve in the artistic world. You might wonder where I was standing in this school life frenzy. To answer that, I wasn’t standing in any of those mentioned corners. Wearing the glasses that gave other people misconceptions about me, I was standing there, in between. Being mediocre might feel like you were wearing Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, and certainly, I did. It may feel frustrating to not belong in a certain “box”. But, trust me, it isn’t always as bad as you might imagine. You know why? Because mediocrity gives you room to improve your lacking capabilities. To make it seem cooler, think of yourself as Batman in a classroom filled with superheroes like Superman, Cyborg, and Constantine (seems tough, huh?). There may come a time when you will not only be standing equally with them, but might even be able to surpass every single one.

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