In The Eyes of a Student

The eyes of a person can convey a lot of things. As the redundantly used yet powerful proverb states, “The eyes are the windows of the soul”.

Photo by San Beda LCA

That’s why a person can see a student’s disheartened state in their eyes. Whether it’s because they were just told to redo their whole research study or because they were insulted in their defense, a student may stay silent, but one can tell if they’re really grieving.

Photo by Steven Arenas on

One can see the tireless hours and efforts a student invested in the bags underneath their eyes.

Photo by San Beda LCA

One can also see the silent part of them saying, “I give up”.  

Photo by San Beda LCA

But despite the hardships that they experience, one can also witness in a student’s eyes the determination they possess to fulfill their duties,

Photo by San Beda LCA

their dreams, and their responsibilities.

Photo by Ann H on

Because whenever students face obstacles and hurdles, they get to show their innate ability to succeed…

as well as their intrinsic nature to stick with their peers through thick and thin.

Photo by San Beda LCA

Because you can only see the passage of time in a student’s eyes. The memories that will never fade despite it being in the past. While happily reminiscing, we can say that these fleeting moments of our high school life will be embedded in our hearts forever.


A mediocre student still confused about the future but hopes to make the most out of her life.

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