Despite being average, I tried to find interest in various hobbies such as reading, playing instruments (unsuccessfully), and drawing. Some stuck to me, while some didn’t. But as I said previously, mediocrity can still be a positive thing. So in this section, I will be listing down hobbies and interests that I have used to improve myself.


I started having interest in reading rather late. Sure, reading was one of the skills that we needed for school. But before, I just read when necessary. It was only in Grade 6 where I started. The first book I read for enjoyment was Divergent by Veronica Roth. At first, I had trouble finishing it, interesting or not. But when I did, I tried to read more and more until I could finish a book for less than a day. After a year or so, I tried reading classic books.

Here are some of the books I love:

1. Picture of Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray, the main character of the book, was a pure person at the beginning of the story before meeting Lord Henry. He knew nothing of physical pleasures that would corrupt his moral senses and justifications. But Gray would later become Lord Henry’s disciple of “New Hedonism” which proposes to live a life dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure. What once was riveting in Dorian Gray turned into a revolting state of moral misdeeds.  Truly, the beauty that became his insignia turned out to be a conclusion of darkness and corruption.

2. Madam Bovary

Flaubert’s book, Madam Bovary, was about a married woman named Emma. She listlessly tries to find enjoyment in adulterous relationships, all the while convincing herself that she is doing no wrong. Emma ends up going to great extents just to have an extravagant life, even if it harms herself and the people around her. This book was so intense and realistic because the main character was not a likeable person to begin with. I highly recommend this book because it portrays the consequences of one’s vanity and hypocrisy.

3. Allegedly

I cannot begin to describe how disturbingly good this book is. Which is why I listed it down even though it’s not a classic. It revolves around Mary who was convicted of murdering a baby under her mother’s care at the age of nine. The baby was left to Mary and her mother the moment it died, but she never talked about the crime, leaving people convinced that she was really the killer. But after six years, she decides to speak up for the sake of her future and her unborn child. ‘Allegedly’ blew me away. It was filled with twists and turns that left me surprised at the end. This book is really a must-read!

Reading books really helped me hone my skill. I was inspired to write about different things. I also improved myself by joining the school paper and yearbook publications. Now, I love creating essays, position papers, news, and feature articles. If you are also finding a hobby to further mold into a skill, reading might just help you!

(The pictures below will show how I used this hobby of mine.)


Drawing was also one of the hobbies I picked up on. I remember being so hesitant in drawing for Art classes. I believed that having one hobby was enough for me to be proud of myself so I was never really curious about it. But when I was 14, I stumbled upon my aunt’s sketchbook and saw how beautiful her sketches were. I suddenly had this desire to create stuff like that. Below are some of the drawings I have done.

These hobbies enable me to be a little contented with myself. I may not be the most popular nor am I the smartest kid around, but I have these few hobbies of mine to make it feel alright. I hope that everyone will eventually discover their hidden interests and be proud of themselves too! Always remember that being in between isn’t always half bad!