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  • Today is when the school gates close
    I finally graduated! Saying that I did not expect the turn of events in my life during the pandemic is an understatement. Transferring to another school as an upcoming high school graduate, going back to my hometown, and more. The lockdowns have caused these things to happen and I was still surprised. Graduating with strangers […]
  • The Two Roads Ahead
    While I was driving, I asked my uncle if there was a shorter route than the one I would always take. He said, “They’re all the same. If you take the current route or the one you’re used to, it might have a longer distance. But if you take the other shorter way, you’ll probably […]
  • I guess it’s summer?
    I’m not sure with other countries, but the month of April is usually the beginning of summer in the Philippines. It was supposed to be all about the clear and blue ocean, white, powdery sand, and the scorching heat of the sun that never seems to tan my skin the right way. But of course […]